All above board - meaning honesty.

Pirate ships kept their crews below decks to mislead their targets into thinking they were ordinary seafarers.

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CHIRPS - THE CONFIDENTIAL HAZARDOUS INCIDENT REPORTING PROGRAMME (CHIRP) investigates hazardous occurrences; namely those that nearly result in injury or damage and are often referred to as a “near-miss”. The aim of CHIRP is to seek out root causes, identify the lessons learned and to consider how best this information can be used to prevent recurrence elsewhere in the maritime industry. CHIRP does not seek to apportion blame to any company or individual(s), the term ‘whistleblowing’ is not one used in CHIRP as that is often used to cast blame on an organisation or an individual.


Seavue - Watchkeepers Afloat Reporting Scheme

Seavue - Watchkeepers Afloat Reporting Scheme - The scheme aims to act as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the emergency services and report incidents to them in a speedy and effective manner. Seaview Watchkeepers Afloat members are all experienced seafarers who operate boats in UK coastal waters, on rivers, canals, lakes and even in foreign waters. The primary function of a Seavue Watchkeeper Afloat is to SPOT any vessel or person in difficulty, PLOT their position and immediately REPORT the essential facts to HM Coastguard or the appropriate inland waterways authority. Visit their website for more information.


Changes to Payment Types

Changes to Payment Types - Ahead of the Council Office moves, over the counter payments will end on 31 October 2014. Please read the attached notice for full details and alternative payment methods.


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