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A admiral flew his pennant at the highest point of the mast. If a more senior officer came aboard then his pennant lost the top spot to the senior man .

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Inside Weymouth Town Bridge

Inside Weymouth Town Bridge - Weymouth Town Bridge is probably one of the most recognisable landmarks in the borough. The bridge itself was first opened in 1930, with occasional lifts to let vessels through to the backwater for maintenance. Today it is scheduled to lift 363 days of the year. The Weymouth Harbour Staff, on behalf of WPBC, operate the Town Bridge on behalf of Dorset County Council, which is owned and maintained by. Click on the link to see a few photos which give you a glimpse as to what happens underneath.


Weymouth & Portland 2015 Events

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RYA Safety Advisory Notice 2015

RYA Safety Advisory Notice 2015 - The RYA have just launched the second RYA Safety Advisory Notice at the London Boat Show, the first of which was launched at the 2014 show. The second edition focuses on six key topics; personal location devices, communication, lifejackets and lifejacket servicing, running aground, weather forecasts and effective planning. The RYA Safety Advisory Notice 2015 offers a simple digest of critical safety issues, including those that have arisen from incidents in the past year, compiled solely for the leisure boater. It builds on the advice in the popular first edition of the Safety Advisory Notice, which covered the use of kill cords and prop guards, alcohol and boating, carbon monoxide poisoning, buoyancy aids and lifejackets, and the proper registration of EPIRB and PLBs. Take a look here below.


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