To the bitter end.

On a sailing ship, the "bitts" were wooden beams through which the anchor ropes passed.
when the anchors were laid the small amount of rope left on board was called "the bitter end."

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Falconry in Weymouth Harbour

Falconry in Weymouth Harbour - We have managed to get some photographs of the birds being used for falconry in the harbour this week. These specially trained birds will be flown regularly discouraging unwanted birds from entering specified areas around the harbour. For more photographs visit our Facebook page.


Weymouth Keelboat & Impala Championships

Weymouth Keelboat & Impala Championships - Organised by the Yacht Clubs of Weymouth, this weekend, 25th-27th July will see the Weymouth Keelboat Championship, which will include the 2014 Implala National Championships who are celebrating the classes 35th birthday. Racing will take place in Weymouth Bay throughout the course of the weekend.



Teamsurv - Teamsurv is a system for hydrographic surveying where mariners help create better charts of coastal waters by 'black box' logging depth and position data whilst they are at sea. The data is then uploaded to the web for processing and display. Weymouth Harbour has approved Teamsurv to run a pilot project in Weymouth from June until the end of this year. They already have some data for Weymouth from participating boats that are based in or have visited the port but will be approaching local yacht clubs and boat owners to recruit further participants to the scheme. Please volunteer for this worthwhile cause. There is no cost, technical advice and help will be available from Teamsurv for fitting the small box. For details visit their website:


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