At a loose end - meaning nothing much to do.

This was the habbit of splicing and repairing frayed ropes on board ship, which sailors did when they had no other duties.

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Latest Notice to Mariners - Notice to Mariners No 01/15 - NOTICES TO MARINERS IN FORCE

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Weymouth Town Bridge

Weymouth Town Bridge - Weymouth Town Bridge is now on summer routine until 15th September inclusive. Vessels requiring a bridge lift should be within sight of the bridge or have called on VHF Channel 12.

Deploying of Weymouth Bay buoys

Deploying of Weymouth Bay buoys - Commencing next week, harbour staff will be busy deploying the Weymouth Bay buoys for the start of the season. Regulations apply when the buoys are in place, therefore please refer to the local Notice to Mariners below for advice. For a detailed map of the buoy zoning, along with Weymouth Bay Safety Instructions and other useful information please refer to the Weymouth Bay Information Leaflet attached.



Pontoon Cleaning

Pontoon Cleaning - The inner harbour pontoons are due to be pressure washed week commencing, 20th - 24h April '15.

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