To the bitter end.

On a sailing ship, the "bitts" were wooden beams through which the anchor ropes passed.
when the anchors were laid the small amount of rope left on board was called "the bitter end."

London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Sailing Events - Weymouth and Portland Harbours - Visitor Berthing and Anchoring

After an amazing two weeks of Olympic sailing, the Paralympics promises to deliver the same level of intensity and exhilaration when it begins on Saturday 1st September. All the sailing events will be taking place within Portland Harbour which means Weymouth Harbour will be open as usual and free of the security restrictions – visitors to Portland will still need to collect an authorised sticker.

Ashore, the town is buzzing with excitement and activity. There are cultural events, the new Sea-Life Tower and live entertainment. There are even Olympic and Paralympic athletes to see exploring the town. When combined with the usual attractions of the beautiful harbour and outstanding pubs and restaurants, Weymouth is going to be a fantastic venue for this unique celebration.

The refurbished shower and pontoon facilities are first-class and offer all visitors a truly relaxing and enjoyable experience. With additional services such as laundry and pump-out facilities, Weymouth Harbour really is the place to be during this summer like no other.

Prices start at £2.40 per metre.

For more information please telephone the Berthing Office on +44 (0)1305 838423 or browse the following documents.

Paralympic FAQs

Paralympic Schematic showing how the waters will be managed during the Games period.

General Guidance for Mariners

Harbour Waste Reception Facilities

To view the current Paralympic Sailing Schedule visit our Facebook notes page.

For Slipway Bookings:

During the games there will be limited slipways open for use and you will need to book in advance. Click here to download a Slipway Booking Form.

Weymouth Harbour Guide